Dark skies

I always wanted to use this blog as more of a personal diary, ranting place, unstrustured heap of brainfart shit.. I never dared. Personal stuff? Shiiit! No way! Who cares anyway, right? What would far-future-potential customers think?!? Well. Things have changed. Due to some circumstances in my personal life I’ve given up the notion that […]

Summer in Cologne

summer in cologne - street photography

Last weekend I went to Cologne to visit a talented young photographer, Jana T. Sauer. I had an absolute blast, and if this weekend was a prelude to what’s coming this summer, well, this summer will be a blast! “Jana” We had breakfast at Liz Bät, a cool place in Köln Ehrenfeld, and talked about […]

Failing and learning in Vienna

Black Hat Chronicles - Coffee in Vienna

I visited in Vienna for a weekend, and did some street photography. I took many, many photos, and most of them failed. It was a steep learning curve, but hey, I learned a lot! During the daytime me and some colleagues attendend  WordCamp Vienna. These WordCamps are conferences in various cities, which revolve around WordPress. With […]

Easter bunny bang tour 2018

So, we’re in Italy again. It’s been quite some time, and it’s good, no, it’s great to be back! So far we’re on day 3 of our trip. 3 days of eating dust, smelling pidgeon poo and breathing fungus. Just the way we love it. Of course I’m on the road with my dear friend […]

R.M. Rilke on Love

Du im Vorausverlorne Geliebte, Nimmergekommene, nicht weiß ich, welche Töne dir lieb sind. Nicht mehr versuch ich, dich, wenn das Kommende wogt, zu erkennen. ~ R. M. Rilke

New year, new sites, new blog, new everything

So, my sites have been off for way too long. Time to make new ones. I had started experimenting with WordPress multisite on my Plesk machine, and, of course, didn’t make any backup. In the end I broke and deleted everything, and had to start again. That was also the time to change my hosting […]