New year, new sites, new blog, new everything


So, my sites have been off for way too long. Time to make new ones. I had started experimenting with WordPress multisite on my Plesk machine, and, of course, didn’t make any backup. In the end I broke and deleted everything, and had to start again.

That was also the time to change my hosting company. I started working at Savvii in October last year, and it was about time I moved my stuff (read, start from scratch) there. Moving my website stuff wasn’t the only moving I had to do. I also decided to move back to Venlo, my home town, because, well, there was nothing for me in Bennekom but a nice place to live. Travel time to work would remain the same, so why not move back to the old hood.

Now, while the dust has settled a bit, I finally found the time and the energy to start building my sites. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m having fun in the process.

I’m building my desired multisite, with a variety of sites, all interlinked:

Bas Brader | Photography: my photography portfolio

the Black Hat Chronicles: this blog, with me writing on any topic I see fit. From photography, to daily life, to music to travel and WordPress related stuff. And rantings. About anything.

So, maybe, in the near future, I will have some decent up-and-running sites again. I’ll just take it one step at a time.

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